Not just a fitness class. This IS a community. 

We offer busy Mamas much-needed stress release with fun, full-body work-outs for all fitness levels. Babies and toddlers can come along for the ride as we work-out and motivate each other in a supportive environment.

Built-in play-dates, monthly nights out, group races, inspiring fitness challenges and volunteer work are all part of  our community. 

We are all Mamas, but how we "beast" can look very different. It might be crushing a tough work-out, packed with hill sprints, push-ups and burpees. It might be cautiously re-gaining core strength to do push-ups in the future. It might initially be just getting to class on little sleep and with a new baby in tow. It might be simultaneously squatting and handing out snacks while singing. It might be adding jogging to your walking laps or cross-training to PR a race.  You determine what it means to be a "beast" and we provide the support, instruction, and atmosphere to surprise yourself. 

Mama Beasts is the single best thing I have done for myself and my family, since I became a mom. Not only am I getting stronger and more fit physically, I am becoming more mentally ‘fit’ and confident as well. The women in this group are inspirational to work-out with and even more amazing to mother with. I am so grateful to have my Mama Beast village
— Emily S


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