Jessica’s Story




I started my Mama Beasts journey six years ago, when my first child was a baby- it was a complete game changer from the get go. My son hated the daycare at the gym and, as a result, so often I didn't even bother going knowing what I would have to deal with. I knew of Mama Beasts and asked a friend to join me to see if it might work better for both me and my son. I was SO nervous the first time but was immediately hooked- an incredible workout WITH my son, coupled with a supportive community of Moms. While the goal of Mama Beasts is to become stronger, not to lose weight, the inevitable result of those innovative and fast paced workouts was that I did both.

When I moved out of the area two years later, I was pregnant with my second child and was at a loss as to how to replace Mama Beasts. In desperation after attempting a workout DVD at home with a toddler and a newborn, I reached out to Antoinette to see if we could somehow bring Mama Beasts to the area. I remember vividly the feeling of being completely overwhelmed with two small children, trying to fit in something for me that was essential to my well being. Working with Antoinette to bring the Mama Beasts program to my area is the single best decision I could have made- it brought a tested, proven formula that combines top physical fitness for all levels with a supportive community and fun for the little ones, a completely unique and beneficial formula for both Moms and their children.

It took off incredibly quickly and I was grateful to work with someone who knew how to navigate a fast-growing, but also quality fitness program. From marketing and social media strategies to creating community-building events, Antoinette’s guidance allowed the community to grow and thrive. It also helped to have a reputable and strong local brand that was already familiar to many moms - whether they knew someone from another location, had seen some fun challenge antics on social media, or knew our tank tops from a local race — there was already an element of excitement and trust around Mama Beasts.

We now have a wonderful community of strong, healthy moms who support and encourage each other at every class. We have seen moms through pregnancies and second babies. We have watched friendships between mom and children develop. And it only continues to grow. When working mothers were interested in better access to classes, having the MB team behind the location allowed us to make it quickly happen!

While exercise and sports have always been a central part of my life, I never considered doing anything professionally until Antoinette encouraged me to consider getting certified to teach myself! I instantly doubted myself- how could I do what she made look so easy, knowing it was absolutely not? But with Antoinette and the Mama Beasts team behind me, I did the unthinkable and became certified nationally in group fitness instruction. I leaned heavily on Antoinette's best practices as well as what I found to be most helpful when I took Mama Beasts classes as a young mom. Now, it truly is second nature and the feedback and direction from Antoinette and the team has made all the difference. I'm proud of my strength, of the complete change in perspective of exercise as a chore to something I can't wait to do. That is what Mama Beasts does and what makes it so special- it is equal parts fun and inspiring. To be able to work alongside my children, seeing the positive effect it has had on them, has been the greatest gift. I love being out and about in the community and have the little baby beasts say "Hi Teacher" and demonstrate their burpees for me- it is so fulfilling. I'm thankful to Antoinette and the team behind Mama Beasts for all of their support, which has made such a difference- I could not have done this without them or the Mama Beasts’ program.