The Mama Beasts Difference


We have built a strong, significant, and distinct brand on an intentionally hyper-local level. That’s why I ask moms to apply and not just “purchase.” Some programs and franchises will have you believe that operating a small business as a mom is for everyone and a no brainer. That fitness for moms is a positive thing, so it must be something everyone can do. Mama Beasts is all about empowerment, but also honesty. There are challenges you will face and need more than a canned copy written handbook. A true tribe and sense of community can’t be faked: it comes from showing up. It’s not quick or easy. But, it is worthwhile and can change your life as a mom, as creator and entrepreneur


There are no financial or physical pre-requisites, but we ask that you apply so that we ensure there’s a fit on both ends, especially as one of our licensing options includes a mentorship component for more local moms, where we truly immerse you in our community. Your goals, vision, and what you need to attain for yourself and family is of utmost importance to us. 


We also highly value the power of exercise in terms of mental health for mothers. We prioritize and promote this over weight loss, over “getting your body back,” and measuring yourself by fat percentage. We value athleticism over aesthetics. And believe that you can be an athlete after children, even if you’ve never considered yourself one. We want to ensure our vision aligns – as this is a crucial component to the success of Mama Beasts. 


We design full-body, engaging and challenging workouts for all fitness levels. We incorporate safe and effective modifications for pregnant and newly postnatal moms. We promote community and team building within out workouts. Stroller fitness classes that can be safe, accessible for multiple fitness levels, progressive with consistent results, while entertaining children and building a vital sense of community in one hour is a tall order. But it’s one that we have perfected over the last seven years. Instead of rapid expansion, we have put our focus on high-quality programming, growing new leaders from within our community and developing a reputable, localized and strong brand with a consistently growing customer base. 


We are aware that other stroller fitness programs exist, but we offer an individualized, thoughtful and unique approach to our licensing program to set moms up for long-term success.