Michelle’s Story



When I moved from West Roxbury to Pembroke three years ago, the biggest part of my life holding me back was Mama Beasts, which is because Mama Beasts had become this enormous part of my and my boys’ lives. After realizing I needed to continue to have a Mama Beasts presence in my life, I started the journey of becoming a Mama Beasts instructor, obtaining my group fitness certification, and starting my own tribe, Mama Beasts South, in 2017

After taking Antoinette's classes in West Roxbury since 2013, I knew just how much I had to gain from this opportunity: the community, the connections, the empowerment. I was so nervous for my trial class! What if no one came? What if my love for Mama Beasts classes didn't translate into being a good instructor? What if I couldn't recreate the magic at Mama Beasts South that I had found in West Roxbury? But they did come, and I have found that magic. My Mama Beasts tribe from West Roxbury supported me and showed up to my first classes. They commented on my posts and sent me messages of encouragement. I even had a friend from West Roxbury (who had recently moved to New York) drive from New York just to be at my first class, go to lunch, and then drive home to her five children. Talk about support!

Antoinette's training kicked in, and all of the lesson plans that she tweaked, all of the modifications she added to my plans, and all of the countless questions she answered assisted me in feeling confident as I started my new venture.

As a stay-at-home mom to two boys, being a Mama Beasts instructor has not only allowed me to continue having Mama Beasts in my life, but it has forced me to test myself and to put myself out there, and I have made so many incredible friends in my this new community. Although it’s great to have the extra income with one parent working full-time in our household, I have also gained so much more by being responsible for lesson plans; the safety of my students; and creating a fun, comfortable atmosphere with moms' nights out and play dates for our kids.


It's been amazing to have people in my town recognize our group when they see a Mama Beasts tank top, which is pretty much a staple on the South Shore now, as some of the group challenges have led us to doing burpees outside of local stores and businesses! But the challenges have been a great way to connect my Mama Beasts South ladies to the greater Mama Beasts community. Early in Mama Beasts South's history, Antoinette organized a group movie MNO and rented a movie theater. The girls in my class couldn't believe how many moms belonged to this group - moms just like them who want to find a way to “get it done with your little one.” It was pretty amazing to see my two worlds connect.

Just as I never felt alone as a Mama Beasts student, I have never felt alone as a Mama Beasts instructor. Antoinette is incredibly supportive, responsive, and creative, and the other Mama Beasts instructors provide inspiration and relentless support of one another. It is truly a magical community for so many reasons, and I feel so grateful to have experienced all facets of what Mama Beasts has to offer me as a mom, wife, friend, and woman.