Start Your Own Tribe


It’s been years in the making. We are proud to introduce The Mama Beasts Licensing Program β€” a comprehensive plan and mentorship that guides moms to create an inspiring community and thriving business.

Are you a mom who values having a tribe during these turbulent years? Are you looking for an outlet for ambition and creativity? Do you have an interest in fitness, wellness, and emotional health when it comes to women and mothers? Are you limited for time (ha!) but also craving direction and use of your talents? Are you already a certified fitness professional? Or does the idea of becoming one excites you? The Mama Beasts Licensing Program could be right for you.


What makes our classes and community so special?


We understand moms are all different points in their lives, so we offer two programs, depending on your experience and the support you are looking for to create the tribe of your dreams.

Learn how real moms used our program to succesfully create a job for themselves and a community of wellness and support for other Mamas.