During my time on the east coast Mama Beasts was the ONLY thing that made Boston feel like “home”. This group and these women were my salvation. I had somewhere to be outside of the house every morning with my two young kids. I made wonderful friends and shared my motherhood journey with the sweetest, funniest, most down to earth women. My kids made friends too and had a steady and creative play group to look forward to. And, I got an AMAZING workout, in the most encouraging environment, all at the same time. There are a few things I miss about Boston and our time there, and what I miss the most, everyday, are Antoinette’s mountain climbers, burpees, and my Mama Beasts!
— Katie L.
Mama Beasts provides me with a consistent great workout week after week and the companionship of not only other women, but other mothers. My son gets a chance to play with the other kids for a built in play group after class and I get the chance to work out without worrying about childcare. Mama beast incorporates a large variety of abilities and is judgment-free. The workouts are designed to take them at your own level, something I found key when having to reduce my impact while pregnant, but still being able to enjoy a good workout. I cannot say enough about the group and the vibe that Antoinette has created and the thought and creativity given to the workouts each week.
— Christina T.
Quiet Beasts has been a life saver for me! When I first found “The Beasts” my mood was low and as winter was rolling around. Antoinette and all the ladies of the group work so hard and inspire me weekly to get out and get moving. It is my favorite part of my week. They have helped me build confidence, endurance and patience. I’ve never been a runner, but with hard work and persistence I am able to run my first half marathon! Joining Quiet Beasts was one of the best things I’ve done for my health and my life!”
— Ashley M
Antoinette’s classes are varied and dynamic. I love the pace of the class and the options she provides, so the workout is inclusive of everyone’s level and fitness goals. In fact, the group is quite diverse with women who are expecting and newly post-natal, walkers looking to tone and strengthen, and runners in training. At the end of the day, I feel better, I’m stronger, and I have more energy—which makes for a Happy Mama!
— Sheri L
I have been with the Quiet Beasts for over a year. I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life!! I never liked exercising, but Antoinette keeps me motivated and I look forward to class!! It’s a great workout community with great women.
— Melissa B
One year in and I’m in the best shape of my adult life. I love the drive these classes have given me to push myself and I love the support offered by this amazing community!
— Cara T